Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Who am I?

At my current state of 15 years old I am still in the process of findind who I am. Although I do know who and what I want to be when I am older I still have not reached a level in life I wish to reach. I already know that I want to be a preacher when I am older but I must fisrt grow stronger in the word of God if I am going to lead others to the word. I cannot help others if I myself am at a level in spirituality that I yet to reach. I know that along the way I will be criticized for what I do and even now I am criticized. I am criticized because my morals are above their actions, I am criticized because I do what is right. I have been told that I am to uptight and that I do not live life enough but the truth is that they have not lived life. I am happy without the world and instead of recieving praise I am insulted. Though I will not be hindered instead it just feeds the fire in me to do better because know that in the end that I will have a made a diference in others lives and i can't let others get in the way of that. The reason i try to live a good Christian life is because I believe that that is why I was created. I was created to live a life that would please God. And that is my quest to be all that i can be in God.