Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Superheroic/Anti Hero

Hello children my name is Cristian San Miguel, I am curretly 15 years old and I attend Dr. John Horn High Shool. I am a devoted Chrisitian and I like to believe that I'm a smart kid. I am just a relaxed person but school can sometimes stress me. I have many weaknesess but one major one is the fact that I am lazy and i procrastinate alot. One of my strengths is that I can get along with pretty much everyone and that i have a great faith with God. Although I am not much of an active kid I do enjoy tennis and it is kind of my sport and I'm pretty good at it. Another hobbie I have is to play chess I recently started playing it again and I am getting better at it. I do play the violin and although I enjoy playing it I dont consider it much of a hobby since I don't practice as much as I should. But my greatest hobbie is drawing! I love to draw and i have been drawing since i was two. I do concider myself good at it and I hope to get better at it. I am the Superheroic/Anti Hero because I do consider myself special but at the same time I don't want to be called a hero. I am not saying that I am going to save the world or anything but i do believe I will one day greatly help society. I do want to change the world and I know I will accomplish that through wisdom of the word of God. I believe that we all can change society in a way if we live accordingly to the gospel and that is one of my ultimate goals in life.

Who am I?

At my current state of 15 years old I am still in the process of findind who I am. Although I do know who and what I want to be when I am older I still have not reached a level in life I wish to reach. I already know that I want to be a preacher when I am older but I must fisrt grow stronger in the word of God if I am going to lead others to the word. I cannot help others if I myself am at a level in spirituality that I yet to reach. I know that along the way I will be criticized for what I do and even now I am criticized. I am criticized because my morals are above their actions, I am criticized because I do what is right. I have been told that I am to uptight and that I do not live life enough but the truth is that they have not lived life. I am happy without the world and instead of recieving praise I am insulted. Though I will not be hindered instead it just feeds the fire in me to do better because know that in the end that I will have a made a diference in others lives and i can't let others get in the way of that. The reason i try to live a good Christian life is because I believe that that is why I was created. I was created to live a life that would please God. And that is my quest to be all that i can be in God.

Jesus Cristo!

Although I have never met him he is my mentor. He lived on this earth to set an example of how we should live and he was God's son. He lived a perfect life and although I am far from perfect I strive to be like him. A tool he has left for me is his teachings a.k.a the Holy Bible. He has taught me to live a lifestyle that brings joy to ones heart and because of him I can forever rejoice with him in heaven. He has brought peace to my heart and the world. And he is the perfect mentor because when I falter he will not. Humans make mistakes but he can't so he is the perfect mentor for one to have and since he knows every thing about you he cannot fail you. Who is this great mentor? Well it is Jesus Christ of course! He is my mentor by choice and by his grace my father.


My sisters are my Threshhold Gaurdian and although i never really tell them this I do look up to them in may ways. Whenever I do wrong they help keep me in check and put me back on track. For instance i have always gotten good grades bu until recently I have been doing kind of bad but with their support I know that I can work harder to gettin gbetter grades because in the long run it will help he alot. I just want to thank them for all they do and how they are always motovating me to be a better person.


My shadow is well my shadow. I consider my past my shadow in a way because no matter what your past will always be there following you where ever you go.And to me my past is not a happy thing. My life is not fillel with torment and failure but is a past full of dissapoitment. I was not always a good kid so I brought alot pain towards my family especailly my mom and even thought I have changed and my mom has forgiven me my past is still there in my mind. But I will not let it overcome me because like said I am a new person

Mi Familia!

Although a trikster is usually one person in my story it is defferent. I have an extremly large family so I have a lot og little cousins and although they don't brign mischeif in my life they are mischeivious. They bring joy to me whenever I see them. I always come to the realization that we should all let out our inner child every once in a while.


When I was baptized at the age of 12 I considerd it an initiation to Chrstianity. It showed the world that I was saved by Jesus Christ and because of my salvation I am now a different person I have been changed by God. This has changed my life forever it set new goals it set me on a new path a path towards unity with God.